Friday, January 30, 2015

Max A Million

If you don't know, Mr Grantz and Mrs. Grantz have a dog named Max.

Max is a very playful pup.  I've known ever since he was a puppy.  He loves all the children and causes lots of comotion downstairs.

Every other day Max goes with a dog walker to get some exercise.  When he's not with his dog walker, he goes to the park with Mr. Grantz.  Smetimes the upper-grades see him at the park.  Sometimes we even throw the ball for him for a few minutes.

Before the Grantz' had Max they had a dog named Zach.  I remeber being very afraid of dogs but being around Zach helped me a lot.  I was able to even get my own dog after a couple of years.  Zach was 14 years old before he died.  He was a joy to have at the school and everyone misses him.

When Max was brought to the school everyone wanted to be around him.  He was a bit more than a foot long.  Now he's huge!  Max is now 3 years old and he is a happy and healthy pup!

Written By: Claire P.

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