Friday, November 14, 2014

The 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall

On November 9, 1989 The Berlin Wall, East Germany and West Germany were united as one country.After World War 2, the Allies Yalta Conference made up of England, France, United States and The Soviet Union or Russia split Germany into two sides and four parts. There was the democratic West German
 and the communist controlled East Germany. East Germany was controlled by The Soviet Union or Russia and West Germany was split into 3 parts controlled by England, France and The U.S.
The Berlin Wall was built in 1949 and was destroyed in 1989. The Berlin Wall was built out of concrete and had barbed wire on the top of the wall. The wall was 11 to 13 feet tall and had 160 yards of traps called the "death strip".  The traps included 300 watch towers ,250 guard dogs and machine gun wires including 20 bunkers and 65 miles of military road. The Berlin wall was 28 feet long off the border of West Germany and and 96 feet encircling West Germany. 100,000 citizens of East Germany tried to cross over the Wall but only 5,000 made it. Finally 40 years later the Yalta Conference united West and East Germany as one country. Over 2 million people crossed The Berlin Wall from East Germany and both sides agreed to take down the Berlin Wall as soon as possible.
I have been to The Berlin Wall before but there is not much left of The Wall. There is about only a mile left of The Wall. Most of the Wall is marked by tall iron sticks marking where the wall was. On November 9 the celebration took place by the Berlin Wall. There was a 1,000 hot air balloons in the sky and there was a big celebration at the Brandenburg gate.

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