Friday, November 14, 2014

Emperor Penguins are Being Spied on by Robot Penguins

Most animals get shy and act differently around people, which makes watching them and monitoring them hard. While scientists try to stay far away from the penguins, but they need to get closer to them to check their heart rate.The penguins get so stressed that they cant successfully mate or protect their eggs. No one is more aware of the penguin's suffering than Yvon Le Maho. Maho has been watching these penguins for 40 years. the French scientist has been trying to find out a way to make a robot to monitor the creatures. Finally he made a four-wheeled rover. He sent the rovers out and the penguins pecked at it and didn't like it.

Since Maho's plan didn't work, he decided to partner up with a company that was making a documentary about the penguins.The teams thought and thought until they figured out that the penguins didn't like the rover because it was just four wheels.The teams finally thought that they would disguise the rover in a penguin suit. the top of the rover was a penguin and the bottom, the wheels were showing. The scientist sent out the rovers that were disguised as penguins. The chick penguins loved the rover but the adult emperor penguins were suspicious. the rover came back and the scientists realized that the penguins were showing a lot of stress.

The scientists decided to cover the whole body, and the wheels, of the rover with fuzz. They sent out the rover and the penguins immediately loved the rover. The babies huddles with it and the adults sang to it. But were the adults really fooled by the rover that spied on them?Because while the creatures huddled with the rover, it sent back signals back to the scientists about the animals heart rate, temperature, and movement patterns.

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