Friday, November 7, 2014

Seen Sesame Street? It's Been On For 45 Years

Sesame Street has been the longest running children's TV show in U.S. TV history. Some parents even grew up watching Sesame Street. So they can still watch old favorites. The show has really changed since it first debuted on November 10, 1969. Cookie Monster now even sometimes eats fruits and vegetables. Some kids also sometimes watch the show on phones and computers instead of the TV. There's even less time spent with people on the show. They're not energetic enough. In 1973, it was one of two TV shows for preschoolers. Now it's competing with 84 other kids TV shows. But at least it ranks 20th in 850,000 per viewers per TV episode. Some of the music has changed also. The old main title song is still at the beginning of every episode. But now the song has a jazzy beat to it. Other songs have hip hop or Latin music. Even though Cookie Monster eats fruits and vegetables he will sometimes eat the chair, table, and plate.

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