Friday, November 7, 2014

Healthy Candy!?!

A lot of people love candy, but their parents tell them not to eat so much or else! Now a new candy bran called UNREAL has made healthy candy! The healthy candy is just as delicious and as colorful as M&M's!

You are probably thinking what is healthy candy? Healthy candy is products that UNREAL use. One important ingredient is cane sugar, which is a much more natural and healthier type of sugar. The cane sugar is from plants called sugarcane. Sugarcane has been used to cook with for many, many years, and some say that the cane sugar is much more delicious than the regular sugar most people use.

Unlike UNREAL, other companies use short cuts just to get a delicious and cheap kind of candy. Those companies use unnatural types of sugar like refined sugar and corn syrup. This is what some parents do NOT want you to eat. Some parents don't want you to eat this candy that involve these types of sugars because it can hurt your body and it can easily turn into fat.

"UNREAL chocolate candy shell peanuts have less fat, carbohydrates, sugar, and calories, and more fibre and protein than Peanut M&M’s." Not only that, but UNREAL'S chocolate has no artificial ingredients or preservatives! One pack of UNREAL'S candy is only four grams less than an orange, and M&M's a little over twice as much. 

If you want to stay healthy and have chocolate you can get the UNREAL chocolate! The chocolate is available now at Walgreens, Ralph's, CVS, and Staples; soon it will be coming to Target. 

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