Friday, November 7, 2014

Playing Sports With the Upper Graders!

P.E is a really fun subject for the upper graders. Everyday around 12:00pm, we go do P.E (physical education) right after lunch. Everyday we do a different sport according to the schedule. The sports we usually play are baseball, kickball, soccer, basketball, and tennis. Before we begin playing the sport, we have to do a warm up. Ms. Reinboldt chooses the warm up we do so it differs each day. We usually run laps and do stretches but it depends on how vigorous the sport is. Here are some students thoughts on P.E.

Asiana: What is your favorite sport and why?
Sophia: "My favorite sport is kickball because it's really fun."

Asiana: What sport do you enjoy playing most?
Caroline: "I like baseball because I like to swing the bat and take off running."

Asiana: What are your thoughts on warm ups?
Oliver: "I think warm ups are fun and it helps get us ready for sports."

Monday: Tennis
Tuesday: Soccer
Wednesday: Kickball or Baseball
Thursday: Basketball
Friday: We vote on which sport we want to play. 

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