Friday, November 7, 2014

15 Year Old Erik Finman Lets Anyone Be Something for a Day

When your grandmother gives you $1,000, what do you buy? In this case, Erik Finman bought Bitcoins to one-up his brother. 100 Bitcoins turned into $100,000.

With all this money, 15 year old Erik Finman decides that it is important to find out what you want to do. His business is called "Be Something for a Day" where anyone can participate and see what it's like working as a chef, intern, accountant, or whatever they might want to become. Finman says that this will be the most important day of their life, when they get that feeling, that urge to do it more, and they find out that it is what they will proceed to work as.

(If you want to watch the full presentation on TedX, click here.)

Erik started as a D student at his high school. It wasn't until he was forced into a physics class that he started becoming the best student. Why? His teacher was the best he'd ever had, and encouraged him to learn. Erik was enlightened to start a business called Botangle. This was his first idea, and after getting input and so much support, he decided to create a new business called "Intern for a Day".

"Intern for a Day" turned in to "Chef for a Day" or "CEO for a Day", and anyone could fulfill their life ambitions in at least one day.

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