Friday, October 3, 2014

The Results for SBC Are In!

On Friday, the results for the student body council were announced! For president, we have Asiana. For vice president, we have Mia. For treausrer, we have Oliver, and last but not least, we have Natasha for secretary. Here are interviews from the student body council.

Asiana: "What do you plan on doing now that your vice presdient?"
Mia: "I plan on helping the school gets new supplies and I want to help children after school with their homework and I want to do a bracelet club with the lower grade classes."

Asiana: "What do you plan on doing as treasurer?'
Oliver: "I plan to have chess club, lego club and I want to have different fundraisers to earn money for the school."

Asiana: "Do you have any plans as secretary?"
Natasha: "I hope to help out with the student council by writing down ideas that everyone agrees with and making sure that the ideas are heard."

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