Friday, September 19, 2014

Stubby a dog who fought in World War 1

This Article is about Stubby!!!!!! A dog who fought  in World War 1! When Private J.Robert Conroy was training for combat, he found a puppy and named him Stubby. The dog learned drills, bugle calls and a dog salute. Stubby made people feel happy and, so he was allowed to stay in the camp. When Private J. Robert Conroy was boarding a ship the SS Minnesota to France he hid Stubby in a coal bin.
When J. Robert Conroy's  commanding officer found out that Stubby was onboard, the dog gave him a salute. So the officer let Stubby stay on board. Stubby soon was used to the noise of bombs and rifles.

Stubby's first injury was from a gas exposure. The injury made Stubby sensitive to any time of gas . When J. Roberts Conroy division was bombed by a gas launch Stubby sensed the gas and woke up all the soldiers to sound the gas alarm. A German spy was mapping a layout of the French base, Stubby saw the spy, and was biting his leg untill American Soldiers came. For finding the spy Stubby got a field promotion of sergeant and is the first dog to get a field promotion. Stubby was injured by a grenade blast and had loads of shrapnel on his chest and leg. By the end of World War 1 Stubby fought in 17 battles and but eventually died in 1926. The END.


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