Friday, September 12, 2014

Hitchhiking Bot traveling far distance.

 Canadian professors named David Harris and Frauke  Zeller made a hitchhiking robot. The robots name is hitchBot. The bot traveled from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria British Columbia. Witch is a total of 3, 700 miles or 6, 000 km. The bot is made out of household items. Thr bot is madeout of a beer bucket for its torso,pool noodles for its arms and legs,and a LED panel for its face. HitchhikingBot has a PC tablet, a GPS, and a camera.
The reason why the scientists did this is becaues they want to see if people would give the robot a ride. Some people thought that the robot wouldn't be picked up but it turns turns out  they were wrong and a couple that was on a camping trip. A few Canadian people gave the robot a plastic cape to keep the robot dry.

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