Friday, September 12, 2014

Candy that does not cause cavities

There is a candy that does ot cause cavities. Isn't that sweet! The makers of this candy is some scientists from Berlin. As you may or may not know,while sugar is the villain,streptococci mutants are the real culprits. The bacteria that love to feed off the remnants of sugar that remain on the surface of the teeth, release acid while doing so. This causes tooth enamel to wear down resulting in the dreaded holes or cavities.

To try render the bacteria harmless, Christine Lang and her colleagues at OraganoBalance turned to Lactobacillus paracasei. The bacteria that is naturally found in cultured milk product, Kefir, is known for its ability to bind with streptococci mutans and therefore could potentially help draw the bacteria away from the teeth. What was encouraging was that the idea had been successfully tested on rats. So thanks to this candy,cavities are a thing of the past.

My opinion is that I think this is very cool that scientists made candy that does not rot people teeth.i want to try some of that candy.

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