Friday, May 30, 2014

One Day Dog Training Review

One Day Dog Training trains your dog in, have a guess, one day.  Ever since we got Rio, we knew something had to be done with her behavior.  We tried lots of things, such as a class, we tried one other person, and then we tried One Day Dog Training.  One Day Dog Training was the place to go.  When I was at school, my parents and my sister went to him.

One Day Dog Training is at a ranch.  It is called Miles Ranch which is in Corralitos, California.  My parents said it was almost like another Cesar Millan.  They even said it was more like one minute dog training.  Somethings he gives you or you might already have are: a pinch collar, a 6 foot leather leash, Flexi-lead, and a tab or small leash.

One Day Dog Training is owned by a man named Steve Miles and his wife.  They own six dogs together and they have been doing this for several years.  We like to call him Uncle Steve beacuse he has helped us with so much.  We hope to bring Rio to him when we go on several trips.

Written By: Claire P.

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