Friday, February 7, 2014

The Update on the Elections in Hillwood

You may know how about the election, but there has been an update.

Sophia is running against Asiana and Mia. She has done some posters and kids are voting for her. Who will win?

Asiana is running against Sophia and Mia. She has some good ideas.

Mia is putting up posters and is really waiting for the answers of who won.

Finn is running against Oliver and he is coming hard. He is making posters and is really hoping to win.

Oliver is telling children to vote for him and he is hoping to crush Finn.

Claire is running for president, she is going against two very smart girls, Natalie and Natasha k. Is she going to win.

Natasha K is running for president too. She has drawn pictures of herself and put then around the school. She is fighting to win.

Natalie is very smart and she has some great ideas about the school and the fun activities.

Natasha J. is going to win as secretary thats because no one is running against her!

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