Friday, February 7, 2014

Divergent, as good as the hunger games

Imagine you're 16 you are going to the hub with your faction, abnegation, the abnegation are selfless and they like to  help people. Today your going to decide your fate there are 5 factions:
  1. Candor the candor bathe in the rivers of truth and honesty.
  2. Dauntless the brave go here but be warned, there not afraid to kill.
  3. Erudite the erudite are intelligent people.
  4. Amity the amity try to keep the peace they farm and grow.
  5. Stay with your faction.
Now that you know about the factions I can tell you about Divergent. Divergent is a book that follows a girl who lives in abnegation when she takes the test to figure out which faction she should be in she finds out that her results are inconclusive and that she is divergent. Being divergent means that you could be in multiple factions. The erudite leader wants to kill all the divergent and that's why the story is so good.

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