Friday, January 17, 2014

Welsh Woman Becomes First Person To Bike To The South Pole

While people are cuddling at home, others are trying to achieve a goal. Britain's Maria Leijerstam, Spain's Juan Mendez and America's Daniel Burton, began racing in mid-December from the Novo Russian airbase in Queen Maud Land, Eastern Antarctica. All of these people were heading to the South Pole but each were doing it in their own way. 35 year-old Maria Leijerstam has her own strategy, she is going to peddle her way across the icy continent recuembnt trike, a far more stable bicycle. Maria also decided that she would take a different route, one that took from Ross Ice Shelf to Leverett Glacier and onward to the South Pole. This route she was taking was about 100 miles shorter than her other competitors but much steeper and more dangerous which explains why no one has completed it before. For an unknown reason, Maria started on December 16 two day later than when her competitors started carrying about 100 pounds of food, fuel, and trike pieces. She was riding through temperatures as low as -31°F (-35°C). But nothing could stop the determined woman. The woman has been training for four years in Iceland and Norway she was very prepared. The woman started on December 16th 2013 and finished on December 27th 2013. Not only was she the first woman to complete her quest but she also did it in a record of 10 days. Unfortunately her competitors on their 44th day were still struggling to get to their destination.

Source: Dogo News

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