Friday, January 17, 2014

Sunset Youth Orchestra

If your looking for a great orchestra to play in your reading the right thing.

Sunset Youth Orchestra is a great orchestra for young musicians.  There are lots of rehearsals but it all comes down to two wonderful concerts.  This is my first year in this orchestra and we had out first concert.  It was such an amazing experience because it finally felt like I was a part of something.  My parents paid a lot for me to be there and it was all worth it and now I feel like I can do anything.

To get in you have to audition.  I don't remember when exactly you audition but I think it's in June or July.  What you do for the audition is simple.  First you play a song.  It's OK if you can't memorize it they have a stand for your music.  Then you have to site read.  Site reading is simple if you know how to do it.  All they do is put a piece of music on the stand they have and all they do is tell you to play a certain amount for you to play.  It's probably only a line or two.  I only played a line.  The audition is easy simple and short.  Then all you do is go in another room and they decide if they want you in the orchestra.  I got in and I was really thankful and happy.  They give you a letter about what is required for the orchestra once it starts.

Orchestra starts in September.  You get a piece of music almost every week.  Once it gets towards the time of the concert you don't get any music.  When you practice all of the music it seems like it will never end.  It does and when you check how many pieces of muic you play it's actually not that much.  It's only about ten pieces of music.

The cocerts are quite an amazing experience.  When I played at the first concert I was really nervous at first because I thought that everybody would be looking at me.  But as I started playing throughout the concert nobody was looking directly at me.  Another great part about the concert is that if you mess up you have everybody else in your same group backing you up.  The best part about it is that you are making beautiful music for lots of people to hear and it feels like you are a part of something huge.  At least that's how I felt when I played in th concert.

Sunset Youth Orchestra is a gret experience for people who need it and just for fun.  If you want tho check out the website click here.

Written By:  Claire P.

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