Friday, November 1, 2013

Take the National Geographic Endangered Species Quiz

Do you know how many species are disappearing? Take the quiz here. Many cases are due to humans, although many are from surprising factors, thousands have disappeared from a fungus. No felines have gone extinct for over 11,000 years, but if humans aren't careful, one certain species could be soon- there are only 225 left. Freshwater species are becoming extinct five times more quickly than others.
You can help stop extinction in small ways.

1. Recycle
This will prevent trees from being removed, thus preventing deforestation and habitat loss.

2. Plant a Garden
Make sure it consists of species native to your state. This will begin a balanced food chain, starting with small animals.

3. Avoid Chemicals
These do not degrade quickly and build up quickly. They are also harmful to animals. Natural alternatives are a wise choice.

These are some species that we should watch closely for extinction:

Red Fox

Siberian Tiger


Red Panda or "Firefox"

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