Friday, October 25, 2013

Which names are more popular?

How old names are
Baby Name Wizard is the website where you can find how old and popular any name is and has been. For example Nicole was popular from the 1940's until 2012.

This is the rank of names of Ms. Reinboldt's 5-8 grade students.

Mia 6th grade: The name "Mia" was very popular in 2012.

Oliver 5th grade: Oliver was popular in the 1880's and then the rates dropped low. Then more people were named Oliver and by 2012. It was very famous.

 Sophia 5th grade: Sophia was not always popular, but in the 1990's the name got more famous and kept being famous after that.

Finn 5th grade: Finn wasn't famous for a long time until 2010.

Natasha J. 5th grade: This name, Natasha, wasn't very famous, but in the 1980's over 1000 kids had the name.

Natasha K. 8th grade: The name Natasha wasn't famous for a long time but until the 1980's over 1000 kids had that name.

 Claire 7th grade: Claire was a very famous name for a long time. It was most famous in 2012.

Natalie 8th grade: Natalie, like most names weren't that famous in the 1800's and the 1900's. In 2012 it got very famous.

Nicole 5th grade: Nicole was very famous in the 1960's.

Nichole 5-8 grade teacher: The name Nichole was very famous in the 1960's.

It's really cool how when just the spelling is different Nichole and Nicole even though the name is the exact same Nicole is still more popular by 4276 people.

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