Friday, October 25, 2013

Let's get into depth with the pumpkin patch!

Hi fellow readers! Lately the upper graders have been working on a video project so stories weren't posted the past Fridays. Today is October 25th and K-4 and the 8th graders are taking a trip to the pumpkin patch. The 8th graders are going because this is their last year at Hillwood and the Grantz's want them to experience the pumpkin patch for the last time.

In the pumpkin patch, there are hayrides, a haunted house and more! All the students going will get a ride from parent volunteers. The parents chaperoning will all split into certain groups and you get this flyer that you cannot misplace for each activity you have done you mark it off. On each activity there is a person sitting there with a stamp to stamp your hand to let you know that you have already done that activity.

Every single year this field trip happens in the late October's. At the end of the field trip, each child is allowed to choose one pumpkin of their choice and size. Every student has a bagged lunch from the kind Ms.Marta at lunch time. Everyone puts their pumpkins in the back of Mr. Grantz's truck and heads back to school. When school is over, each student gets their pumpkin and heads home!

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