Saturday, October 26, 2013

SF SPCA Dog Obedience Training: Week One

If you have a dog that gets the urge to attack other dogs you are reading the right thing.

If you read an earlier post about the adoption center at the SF SPCA then you know that I adopted the dog Lupe.  We have now re- named her to Rio.  When we got her we realized, and we knew this when we got her too, that she didn't get along well with dogs.  After a little over a month we realized we needed to get her into some dog training to help with her issue with dogs.  

On Thursday, October 24 2013 the training began.  It starts at 6:15 pm and ends at 7:15 pm and it's a six week class.  But there are other times as well.

Since this was the first day only the owners went.  Week one can be boring at first because all you do is talk about what could be happening with your dog.  For example fear.  Which is what Rio might have.  At the very beginning of the class we got to know each other and talk about our dogs.  After about half an hour of talking, possibly 45 minutes we all got up.  Our trainer also has a dog of her own that has the same problem as our dogs.  She brought her other one in though.  So when we all got up we got to play find it.  Find it is a game where you through a treat out on the floor and you say "find it!"  It was really fun because all of us got to do it.  Then we all sat back down and we talked about what is going to happen next week.  I am not going go to the training next week because it's Halloween.  But my dad will so you will still be able to read about what happened.


  1. Claire, so nice to read this post — what great initiative in writing it. I am curious to hear how the Halloween training went. Did the dogs show up in costume? And tricks? Or only treats?

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