Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Learning How to Code

Are you interested in computer programming but you don't know where to start?  Khan Academy is a great website to help expand your knowledge or to help you if you are having problems in certain subjects.  I discovered Khan Academy can teach you how to use JavaScript for computer programming.

I have been using JavaScript to learn computer programming for the past week, and I have already made a game (though the game isn't very advanced).  Khan Academy uses videos to help you learn.  For the computer programming section of their website, the videos are extremely clear.  You get a full visual on how to do something, and the video is interactive, so you can play with the code being written.  Also, while you are writing your code, there is a list of commands below, which helps the first few days of learning how to code a lot easier.  Even if you haven't thought of computer programming as something for you, you should still try it out.  You can play my "game" here, or you can create your own code here.  Computer programming is way more fun than it sounds, so check it out.  We can always use more programmers in the world.

Anya J.


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  2. Great post, Anya! So good to see your byline — and your "game." We'll see what a Hillwood Heralder 8th-grader might be able to do on Kahn.