Friday, October 4, 2013

Videos to Inspire Our Own Video Work

We're using a new program for making stop-animation video. If you want to use it outside of class, it costs $5 and will need to be installed on your iPad. Here's a view that highlights iCreate, the program and website: 

What is a movie?
  • What kind of movies are there?  



What are the different elements used in making a movie?

Pictures: Show us
Words: Tell us
Music:  Makes us feel a certain way
Lighting: Sets the mood
Sounds: Places us in the scene

We Can We Make a Movie But We need Your Story

Assignment 1
Think about what we talked about in class and what we saw today and pair up into teams to come up with a storyboard idea for a movie you would like to make and fill out the storyboard to tell your story. The movie will be 2 minutes long and made by you.

Take a picture of your finished storyboard and post it on the Hillwood Blog.  Make sure you write a synopsis to “sell” me your idea. Pretend I am a big studio and I only have enough money to make a few movies, explain why yours is the best idea!

Reference Material
Class 2  
Review Storyboards and let’s decide if we will make the movie or all work on one movie together.

  • Make a Plan 
  • What do you need?  
    • Examples: camera, microphone, locations, props, permissions? 
  • Decide on which job you will be doing (sometimes you will do all these jobs at once!)
    • Examples: actor,  camera operator,  director,  production planner,  sound recorder,  lighting operator  
  • Make a list of what you need to make your movie 
  • Examples: Who is helping you? Do you need permission to film in that location? Does the weather matter? rain, wind? Who is bringing the props and camera?  
Assignment 2  
Post your plan on The Hillwood Herald under your storyboard and make a check list of all the things that you will need to make your movie.

Class 3  

Let's make a movie!
Review Plans, and shoot video

Class 4  

Let's edit our movies together ready to show at the Hillwood talent show at Christmas!

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