Friday, September 6, 2013

Saving the lives a poor animal

If your looking for a good family pet, look no further than the SPCA. When you adopt and animal from the Adoption Center, you are saving the life of an animal that needs a home. These animals are great and very well trained. They will change your lives forever. (In a good way!)

You can look at the puppy cam on the SPCA website or the kitty cam on the same website. Some of the dogs I met were very kind but super excited. The first one I met was Regina. She is a pit bull mix and she is 1 year and 4 months. She was super sweet and loved to jump. This is her description: " Regina is the definition of a star student. She knows sit, down, loose-leash walking, working on stays and has a firm paw shake! Did I mention I am crate trained and potty trained already? She is just begging for a teacher that sees her potential and will work-hard and play-hard alongside her! I am energetic and would love someone to keep up with my young active personality. Who can resist my beautiful eyes and enthusiasm for life? Not my friends, that's for sure, ask to meet me today! You won't be disappointed!"

The other dog I met was Lupe. She was also very sweet and didn't jump as much. We took her for a walk and she didn't really play because she loves to sniff around. She loves her treats and loves hot dogs and cheese. It turns out she is already adopted. By me! I love her, and she has definitely changed my life over the last few days. Her birthday is September 1st, and we got her on that day. She is three years old and loves her people. Especially her daddy. She is such a kisser, and she is sweet to all people but she had a problem with a dog with her previous owner. That's why she ended back in the shelter. She was definitely lucky to come home with us. I could go on and on. but I just have to say that the SPCA is the best place to go for a life changing animal.

Puppy cam:
Kitty cam:

 If you do decide to get a dog or cat, you have made the right choice!

Written by: Claire P. and Natalie L.

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