Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to school with an upper grader!

It has been a long summer, and it was time to go back to Hillwood! On September 2nd all the students of Hillwood Academic Day School, were packing their backpacks and getting uniforms ready.

I, Asiana, cannot believe this is my 7th year getting ready for the first day of school at Hillwood.
Sophia B. 5th grader says, "I was very scared and excited to be upstairs and finally become an upper grader.

Natasha J. explained, "I was very excited, and I like to be in a group of different people. Plus, I had my best friend Sophia by my side."

New student Natalie L. is in 8th grade and says, "I was excited about coming to Hillwood this summer, and I am having a great first week."

The Upper Grade's new teacher, Ms. R or Reinboldt says, " I really like this job as a teacher at Hillwood."

The upper grades really miss Mrs. Milliken, who has a baby boy due this month, but Ms. R is great, and we're excited to have her for the schoolyear!

Image source: David Walker School

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