Friday, September 13, 2013

Remembering the wonderful Mr. Dolby, a dear Hillwood neighbor

Written by Asiana D.
Mr. Ray Dolby, creator of the audio for DVD players and movies and such, past away on September 12, 2013, during the day. Mr. Dolby lived in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, and very near our school. Some students from Hillwood have actually met and have spoken to Mr. Dolby. In fact, he is one of the nicest person we have met before. He would always joke around about how small our class was. He would often joke, "make sure you don't lose anyone student in this big big class." It is heartbreaking that Mr. Dolby passed, but he will be remembered always.

Mr. Ray Dolby's History
By Natalie L.

Ray Dolby was the inventor of the Dolby Digital noise reduction service and co-inventor of video tape recording. Dolby was born in Portland, Oregon, on January 18, 1933, and raised in San Francisco. He attended San Jose State, Stanford, and later, Cambridge University.  He helped unveil Quadruplex video recorder in 1956 and Dolby Laboratories in 1965.

 Ray Dolby's Awards (source-Wikipedia)

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