Friday, September 27, 2013

America's Cup Explained in Pictures

Have you ever wondered how the massive America's Cup boats are able to achieve such speed? This is because they are designed with such precision and science along with the best sailing teams in the world, making them unbelievably quick (for sailboats that is, which aren't that quick anyway.) The boats "fly" on the water, using the daggerboards and elevators for support.

Here is a close look at how the hull stays aloft:

The catamaran also uses the elevators to keep balanced:

These catamarans, the AC72 and the smaller AC45, can reach speeds of 20 kts.+, while holding 5-11 expert sailors. The AC72 is the length equivalent of four cars and has a sail the size of a tennis court. It weighs nearly as much as an adult elephant.

Although these may be the best sailing vessels on earth, that doesn't mean that they are the safest. 

The AC72s are each the width of a large soccer goal.

Here are the scores as of today:

Ready for the race in the San Francisco Bay.

A bit different than the AC72.

The AC72 may be the boat of the future. Someday it might even replace monohulls and yachts. But for now we should enjoy it in the race, especially in the one and only SF Bay.

Natalie L.

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