Friday, June 7, 2013

A Word from a Graduate

This year at Hillwood there are three 8th graders, Angela, Anya, and Rubina. Angela is going to Bay, Anya to Lowell, Rubina to SOTA. All three are very sad to leave a school they have called their home for so many years.

Anya has been at Hillwood the longest out of the three. She has attended this school since Kindergarten. In second grade, she met a new student Rubina; and since then they have been together. It was in sixth grade that Rubina and Anya came to school just to see a new girl sitting in one of the desks. This was Angela. The three of them have stayed loyal to Hillwood for the time they spent at Hillwood.

I. Rubina, will miss Hillwood very much. All three of us got into huge high schools. Well, compared to Hillwood's homely environment, almost any school will seem huge! Of course I can't wait to go to another school, but I will miss Hillwood very much. I will also miss the people at Hillwood. I know almost everyone in the school, student wise. In SOTA, I won't be able to know everyone! I will also miss the fact that there are only three graduates.

Just because I'm gone doesn't mean I will never see Hillwood again.

Written by: Rubina Mazurka

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