Friday, April 26, 2013

Full of Action and Ready to Play!

Two years ago, the school had a dog named Zach.  He was everyone's favorite playmate.  But he wasn't very playful.  Zach had a hernia in is hind legs.  He was extremely gentle.  I, Claire, used to feed him every morning and he was really nice to be with.  Zach passed away when he was fourteen years old. No one wanted it to happen but it was the right thing to do to put him down.  A year later, Mr. and Mrs. Grantz got a new puppy.  They decided to name him Maximilien.  He was very playful and everybody loved him.  He was about eight weeks old when they got him and he was super small.    We would always play with him in the morning if we got to school early and we would play with him after school if we were here late.

Right now, he is a year old but he doesn't stay at school all the time. Instead, he went out with his dog walker every other day.  It was good for him because he got out a lot.  It was also good for everybody in the school so that they didn't get distracted. Whenever Max was not with his dog walker, he spends time at school and whenever he gets loose he goes down to the K-1 and they always got scared.  Same with some of the 2-4 graders. Whenever I see him near my house, I always like to play with him.  

Whenever Max goes with the dog walker, Max spends the entire day with him. After school, I go to where he walks around.  It is nice to go and see him because I don't get to see him for the whole day.    Max is a very playful dog and every one likes to spend time with him.

Written by Claire and Mia

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