Friday, April 12, 2013

Assignments, April 12

It's yearbook time — Angela, Anya, and Rubina, you three are leading the way. Work together to figure out the best way to get organized. You will be making assignments to your peers. What needs to be written and by when?

While those three get organized.....

Oliver: Highlight a frog's epic fail or write about why there will be no Blue Angels this year (this latter story could be your entry for next year's Scholastic News contest). Of course, if you are writing a paper about tobacco use, you might want to research or consider this.

frogfail1 from Alexis Madrigal on Vimeo.

Natasha: Tell us how to recycle better. What can Ms. Moorhead do with cat pooh? Her compost depends on you!

Mia: Who was the Iron Lady?

Asiana: What is happening in Africa with locus. Oh, and what are locus?

Kennedy: A missing plate in California?

Claire: A lion, a lemur, or a bat-eared fox? And/or what's happening at the SF Zoo?

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