Friday, March 8, 2013

The White House in D.C

The whole class is going to to Washington D.C this Sunday.  Because we are going to D.C, we all have to write a report on something we are going to see there.   I chose the White House.

The White House is basically where the president lives and works.  George Washington  chose the location and he hired a man named  Pierre Charles L' Enanfant to do all of the architecture.  They started building the White House in 1792.  Later on, in 1814, the White House was burnt by British troops during the war of 1812.  The first location of the White House was in Manhattan, New York.  When they rebuilt the White House, it was in the same location it was in the first one.

If you have heard of Truman, then you know what he did to the White House when he was there.  If you haven't heard of Truman, then I will explain what he did to the White House.  When Truman lived in the White House, he rebuilt the White House.  When I mean rebuilt I mean he redid the inside of the White House.  

Many presidents lived there and worked there.  When the president lives at the White House, they get to live and work there for four years.  They get to live for four more years or the second term if the president  is re-elected.  

A president that i really like and that i am going to write about  is Abraham Lincoln.  I am going to write about what he did.  Most people already know what he did.  I am going to explain it anyway.  When Abe Lincoln was in office, he did something big and it probably took forever to do, but, he freed slaves when they always needed to way before he was in office.  so just think about it.  Without him there would still be slaves in America.  So just be thankful.

As of right now, the White House is located on 1600, Pennsylvania Ave.

Sadly, we couldn't get tickets for the White House so we can't go inside of the White House.  We will stand outside behind a fence.  The fence around the White House is really far away so i am not sure if we will see the White House clear enough or not clear at all.

The president also has a dog named Bo.  It's so cute!!! 

Go to: to see Bo's wikipedia page


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