Friday, March 1, 2013

How Far Has Trash Gone?


       A friend of mine, Enric Sala, has been on an expedition for NatGeo. He has been doing a daily blog which you can enjoy reading from daily. In one of his blogs,, he mentions a very upsetting story.
   While in a cove underwater in the remote island of San Ambrosio, Enric is enjoying the beauty. Many urchins are found in these parts. There are long spine urchins, short spine urchins and flat sea urchins, or sand dollars. Long spine urchins can protect themselves with spines, but short spines have to find things like rocks to camouflage. Somehow, a old plastic razor managed to get into this remote place. A sea urchin took advantage of this and now has a razor attached to his body. For now, there isn't too much trash in this place, but how long is it going to take for us to realize that if we don't do something soon, no part of the ocean will be safe from trash.
        Keep in mind, it's not that hard to stop hurting and start helping. You can start by donating to foundations, and even going beyond that with your own creative ideas.

Also check out Enric here.

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