Friday, March 1, 2013

Alphabet Books

     For the past few weeks, the upper graders (5-8th) have been working on alphabet books for the kindergardeners and first graders. Each upper grader was assigned
 to make a book for one kindergardener or first grader (two upper graders were assigned to make books for two kindergardeners or first graders).
     The alphabet books have one letter per page. Each letter will have a sentence to go with it. The sentence will have as many words that start with the letter as possible. To match the sentence, upper graders will draw a picture. Some upper graders decided to make two sentences that rhyme for each letter. Two upper graders even made a story to go with their book.
    To help find inspiration, we went to an exabition at a library to look at alphabet books. Not only were there alphabet books at the exabition but also short story books. We copied pictures that we saw onto pieces of paper.

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