Friday, February 15, 2013

"Python Challenge 2013"

Hunting season was back. In the Southern part of Florida, a group called Florida Python Hunters competed in their very first python competition, "Python Challenge 2013", formed by Florida's python agency. About 1300 people signed up to this task. The winner with the longest snake receives the amount of $1000. Whoever finds the most snakes will receive the prize of $1500. Will the python hunters find their prize before time runs out?

Two of the main hunters are brothers, but there's more of their family else where. They have eight siblings. Their team will never kill any snake that they find, because the snake is their real prize. Their main tactic is if you want to find a snake, you have to be the snake. "To catch a snake, you become  snake, think like a snake, and be a snake, and you will know more where to look." When the competition is over, they give the snakes to a shelter, where they number the snakes to which hunting team found it.

The deadline of the competition is unknown in our research, so we'll keep track of the ending.

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