Saturday, January 19, 2013

New York Times Scavenger Hunt

1. What article appears in the upper left hand corner of the home page?  What kind of article is it?  new or opinion? 

 Dozens Still Feared Captive, Algeria Seeks ‘Peaceful’ End


2. What article is featured in the middle of the home page, with the picture?  Is it news or opinion?   


3. What heading do you see in the box on the right hand side of the home page?  What can you assume about the articles whose headlines you see here? 

To say what they think.

4. Write the headline of the editorial.

 The opinion pages.

5. What Op-Ed pieces do you see in today's paper? 

  • Brooks: Next Four Years
  • Krugman: The Dwindling Deficit
  • Cohen: Blight of Return

6. Write the names of the columnists whose work appears.

  • Adam Nossiter
  • Rick Gladstone
  • Steven Erlanger
  • Michael Cooper
  • Dalia Sussman
  • Al Baker
  • Mark Santora
  • Gina Kolata
  • Michael Barbaro
  • Matt Flegenheimer
  • Jad Mouawad
  • Christopher Drew
  • Margalit Fox
7. Scroll down the menu on the left hand side of the page.  In which section are you sure you'll see opinion pieces? 

Where it says Opinion.  The article is called The Long Wait.

8. Write two headlines in the Arts section.  Are these news or opinion articles? 

  • The Spirits Are Back in Force in Brooklyn:  News
  • A Place to Put All Those Curiosities:  News
9. write down two headlines from Health.  Are these news or opinion articles?

  • Comparing the Quality of Care in Medicare options.  News
  • Segregation Linked in Study with Lung Cancer Deaths.  News  

This is the scavenger hunt that i did.  The answers may not all be right but i did and tried my best to figure them out.  I hope, if you are one of those people who did it, I hope you got all of the right answers as well!!!

Written By:  Claire :) 

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