Thursday, January 31, 2013

Student Assignments for February

First off, congrats to Anya re: her front-page Scholastic news story!

Next, feel free to start the morning, practice typing using this website.
  • Happy New Year! The Ramblers and I are excited to start off 2013 with our favorite place to play in SF – at the Randall Museum theater - Hope you can make this fun, all ages, family music show! All the best, Gayle The 2013 SF Bluegrass & Old Time Festival Presents: Gayle Schmitt & the Toodala Ramblers On guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and stand up bass! Saturday, February 9, 2013 Randall Museum 199 Museum Way, SF - Two Shows @ 1 & 3 PM $6 Kids / $9 Adults (limited seating at each for plenty of dancing room!) These shows are part of the San Francisco Bluegrass and Old Time Festival which takes place at venues all over the Bay area from February 8 - 17th. Advance tickets and more information visit: Email with questions or any trouble getting tickets Foot stomping fun for the whole family!
  • Angela:  Look at The Times' "Teenagers of the Times"; anything worth sharing with the Hillwood community?
  • Claire: Please pick one or more of the items below to write about:
  • *Snack Sale!*  Don't forget that the snack/bake sales to benefit the "Pennies For Patients" program will begin next Thursday.  Healthy snacks are encouraged.  If you cut or portion them out, try to make them all about the same size (makes it easier for us to price them)if you use any ingredients that are known allergens please list them so no one has a reactionsweets are OK, but we would like encourage healthy eating so healthy snacks would be great!appearance counts!  When you wrap them up make them pretty and appealing so they sell out fast!if you send them in a container that you need back, please make sure your name is on itAnd don't forget to send your kids with a little extra spending money to buy a tasty snack so we can raise lots of Money for "Pennies for Patients"There is a flyer at the counter about the program and it is also attached to this email.
  • *Fashion Design Class*  Lidia's after-school Fashion Design Class will start on Monday and will be 10 sessions long. Lidia will help the kids make wonderful and cool outfits out of things you aren't even using now! There is a hand out the counter about this after-school class and it is also attached to this email.  Checks should be made out to Lidia Cortina
  • *School Uniform* As you all know, we do have a required uniform at school. Lately we have noticed that it has been not adhered to as well as we would like.For Boys:  Blue pants, solid white shirt or white Hillwood t-shirt, green sweater or Hillwood Sweatshirt.For Girls:  Blue pants, blue/green "Blackwatch Plaid" skirt or skort, white shirt or white Hillwood t-shirt, green sweater or Hillwood Sweatshirt.Tights or leggings should be navy, black, white or green.  For All Students:  Shoes should be appropriate for school yard.  Jackets can be any color but are only to be worn outside.  If kids are cold inside please send an extra hoodie to school. It is best for everyone if all students follow these guidelines. Do not hesitate to ask if you or your children have any question about whether a particular item is appropriate for school.  
When you are done:

Bat on flower from Carl Zimmer on Vimeo.

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