Friday, November 2, 2012

Mel the fish video

    Have you ever wondered how a marine fish reserve can benefit things other than the fish and coral? Well, marine reserves are a win win for every one. There are three main benefits in marine reserves.
1. Protects biodiversity
If the life in the reserve can replenish its self it makes a much better environment.
2. Increased biomass
The healthier the environment, the healthier the fish. The healthier the fish the bigger and fish in marine reserves on average grow 450% bigger than fish outside fish reserves.
3. Spillover
Because the fish grow so large and big in numbers some go outside the reserve where the fishermen get their catches.
Theres even a bonus benefit is the tourist. people make money by letting scuba divers into the marine reserve to see all the big fish and reefs. This gives others more money.
So in the end, the fish are happy, the fishermen are happy, the tourist are happy, and overall the whole planet is happy.

to see a video of Mel the very weird fish talk about marine reserves watch the click here

This vid is made by a marine biologist I know, Enric Sala.

Also, heres another video I made

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