Friday, November 2, 2012

Giants won World Series 2012!

Giants won the World Series 2012!!!! The San Francisco Giants won the World Series again! On October 28 2012 sf Giants vs. Detroit Tigers, the score was 3 to 3 both teams tied. Buster Posey  hit the ball which allowed Brandon Belt to run home which made the score sf Giants 4 and Detroit 3!! This point was scored in the last inning and everyone went crazy, in San Francisco!!!!!!! There was 10,000 people at city hall to watch the game on the jumbo screen, The Giants players were at the Detroit Stadium. San Francisco Giants players celebrated with one another with champagne!! The Giants won 2 World Series within 3 years that is so amazing. When they won the World Series in 2010 it was really special because this is the first World Series they won In a long time. Let's always congratulate the Sf Giants for all their hard work even if they win or lose. We love you Sf Giants!!!!!!!

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