Friday, October 26, 2012

Sun Flower Seeds With a Kick

If you see any pink sunflower seeds, steer clear — those are for the squirrels!

Because of a warmer winter, nuts are all over and where their are nuts there are squirrels. The population of squirrels is quickly increasing and while they might look cute, They're devils in disguise.

Squirrels can wreck havoc on their soundings. They are always at will to damage or destroy a tree. To keep the population  from growing without killing off any of the squirrels, they need birth control, but squirrels aren't willing to take a daily dose and if you think it's easy to catch a squirrel and give it a shot, you're way off. So our scientist on the scene came up with an easy solution: sunflower seeds. Now don't get me wrong, sunflower seeds are absolutely safe for you and the squirrels. The scientist put a special drug in the seeds called DiazaCon. This will lower the cholesterol of the squirrels to keep them from developing the hormones they need to give birth. Sunflower seeds are a favorite of the squirrels but for variation, the scientists dyed the seeds pink. Why? They need to know which squirrels have eaten the seeds and the dye turns their bellies pink. Also this lets people know the seeds aren't safe to eat. The one problem is now there are pink squirrels all over Carolina!

–Kennedy S.

In the following video, Claire interviews Kennedy about the squirrel situation. Mia was the camera person.

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