Friday, October 26, 2012

Learn more about the electoral college!

Needing more information or a simple tutorial about the electoral college?

Basically when people vote in the election all the citizen's votes should count. But all the votes will have to go through people who work for electoral college, and basically, the electoral people choose which citizens' votes count if they think it is a good choice. If the electoral people don't think your vote is accurate your vote won't count. So your voting counts about 40% out of 100% of the times; the other 60% is the electoral college's choice.

This year it is a big deal in the electoral college because the electoral people might choose who wins the election! The Scholastic has information online that might be helpful.

Here's a Schoolhouse Rock video that also helps explain the electoral college:

In the following video, Kennedy interviews Asiana about the electoral college. Natasha was the camera person.

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