Friday, October 19, 2012

Leaping Tigers

When you hear a tiger you think you are going to hear a roar. But they actually have a few different sounds. Those sounds can be a purr, roar, chuffle, growl, and moan. In fact, tigers don't roar very often. But when they do, you can hear it from a mile away.

All tigers have stripes on them. A group of tigers is called a streak. They have over 100 stripes. Not only do they have stripes on their fur they also have stripes on their skin.

When you look at their fur you only think that they have one long layer of fur. They actually have two layers of fur. The top layer of fur is for protection. The layer under that is for warmth.

 When you look at their ears, their ears are black with a white spot on them which is called an ocellus. Their tails help them balance when making tight turns. Tigers are night hunters which makes them nocturnal. Tigers can see 6 times more better than humans in the dark. Most carnivores have 42 teeth, But tigers only have 30. Every paw on a tiger has four claws. On the front paw, each paw has one extra claw. Those claws are called dewclaws. They never touch the ground, but they are used for gripping and climbing. Tigers' toes are softly padded so their prey doesn't hear them coming.

Tigers are the largest cat species, and the third largest land animal. The largest are polar bears and the second largest would be brown bears. Tigers are strong swimmers. They are the only big cats that enjoy time in water. When a tiger leaps, he or she can jump over 30 feet. Tigers can mainly be found in many habitats such as, tropical forests, woodlands, mangrove swamps, and grasslands. Tigers are wonderful animals because they have so many interesting facts about them and they are an endangered species and we should start doing better to save these wonderful animals!

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