Monday, May 7, 2012

Interview With Mrs. Westmoreland

        Mrs. Sybil Westmoreland is the kindergarten through frist grade teacher. Jordyn B. and I interviewed her. The interview proceeds below:

Me: What do you like most about this class?

Mrs. Westmoreland: I like that I have helpful students. They want to help each other, learn and they love to read to each other. They care about each other. 

Me: How do you keep your class studious?

Mrs. W: I try to not give them too much work at once and give them breaks and fun things to do.

Me: What kinds of books do you read with the class?

Mrs. W: I typically read books that have to do with what we are studying but this class is really into chapter books. So, we've read tons of Junnie B. Jones books.

Me: How do you keep your students from forgetting what they just learned?

Mrs. W: We do a lot of review work so once we've covered a topic, we review it often. Important concepts like addition and subtraction, we practice daily. 

Me: Do you do second grade work with the first grader?

Mrs. W: Sometimes. If the first grade students mastered the concepts of first grade, we'll go ahead and I'll introduce second grade material. 

The students in the room were truly very studious and obviously loved Mrs. Westmoreland.

Written By: Rubina H.

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