Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doyle Drive Demolition

As many people have heard, the Doyle Bridge is being demolished in 2 days (Friday). The Doyle Bridge is the bridge that connect you to the golden gate, of course its not the only, but whether it is or not, going across the bridge will be the closet thing there is to impossible. It will be closed from 4/27 to 4/30, or, to be exact, from 8 pm Friday to 5 am Monday. This will be a great weekend to go to the mountains cause you certainly wont miss much here.
            Doyle Bridge, being the narrow and seismically fragile approach to the golden gate it is, is not exactly adored by the people who cross it to work everyday. Officers are worried that those who don’t make the commute and barely know a feather or a fig about the Doyle Bridge will ignore the warnings of the 57-hour closure and extreme traffic likely hood which will cause even more of a traffic tangle on 19th Avenue and Highway 1, the approaches to the Golden Gate that will remain open.
            Explosives may not be used thus the Doyle Bridge will be demolished in a slightly more complex, yet far safer way. Demolition crews will go to work on the elevated concrete structure. Using 40 hydraulic hammers, cranes and other heavy equipment hauled in from across the country, they’ll punch holes in the 10 football fields worth of road deck, then rip apart the girders and support beams and chop down 280 concrete columns.
            If your going to attempt to enter the traffic here is a hint of advice: If your traveling between the north bay and south bay you can avoid going on the Golden Gate by taking the ferry, which will be running additional services, or head to the east bay and take the bay bridge, because with all the traffic, it will be much, much quicker. As for tourist, bicycle across the bridge. You’ll see more and enjoy it more. If you completely insist on taking the bridge, it is suggested to take California street or Geary Boulevard across town to highway 1 and then should be prepared for a slog.

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