Friday, April 27, 2012

The History of Hillwood

Hillwood  Academic Day School has been a school for 61 years.  Mr. Grantzs' grandmother started the school.  Her name was Mary Libra.  The school's colors are forest green and dark blue.  Hillwood is not a typical school, for it is in a victorian house that was built in 1893.  Mary Libra started the school in 1949 and she started the summer program in Muir Woods.  In 1995, Libra passed away and Mr Grantz ran the school, with the help of his wife.  Mr. Grantz now runs the school. 

Even after 61 years, the outside of the the school still looks almost the same.  The desks in the school are still the same, too.  Mr. Grantz attended this school for kindergarten and first grade, and then graduated here.  Mr. Grantz went to Bridgepoint high school in Newark for six months, then he took a test for his high school diploma.  He passed and then went to the University of San Francisco. 

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