Friday, April 27, 2012

Hillwood Fund-raising

This article is all about Hillwood fund-raising. There are many ways that Hillwood helps fund-raise. There is the Walk-a-thon, the Math-a-thon, the Bake Sale, and Pennies for Patients. The Walk-a-thon is where the school walks to the Marina Green and back. The Math-a-thon is where each class does their grade level Math. The Bake Sale is where everybody brings their own goods and money to buy the goods brought by each family. The Pennies for Patients is where we put money in a green box and donate it to the school, where it goes to children with leukemia.
Hillwood is a great fund-raising school, and it is amazing because Hillwood is so small! This is all because of the helpful students.  
                                                       Thank you all Hillwood students! --Andre :()

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