Friday, December 2, 2011

Occupy LA protesters gather on steps of City Hall

For my current event project I will be writing abo ut how about 300 people in L.A. are protesting. The article did not say why they are protesting. Citizens saw multiple sightings of police brutality. This article dose not have any killings. This all took place in L.A.
A woman named Julia Wallace said "I saw a woman being pushed down the steps, people being jabbed with batons," said Julia Wallace, member of movement's Committee to End Police Brutality. "I saw someone thrown to the ground." There were multiple sighting just like this. There was a man who was hit by rubber bullets that left him with bruising. Most of this article was police brutality.

 This article is very sad because those people were just standing up for what they believe is right (which in this case I thank it is right) they get punished for it. There were many sightings of police brutality before but this is different because they had a right because they work hard and they still get paid less than 1 percent of people. Police brutality is a very bad thing to see because they are here to protect you but they are hurting you instead. People have now started protesting about police brutality around San Francisco I know this because I have seen it before. I hope we can all take a good look at this problem more than ever.

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