Friday, November 18, 2011

Where I'm From

I have been writing "I Am From" poems for two years. I made an almost completely new poem this year, because of what I have learned from my teacher. In my video, I use a picture of me, my mom and my dad, and my dog.
I am from laptops,
from Lays and Cuties.
I am from the park next door,
from every tall cyprus
to every dewdrop on a blade of grass.
I am from the peppermint willow and the lemon tree,
whose sweet flavors fill my mouth on a hot summer day.
I am from surfing and freckles,
from Patti and Jeff.
I’m from my mom yelling, “Wake up!” and, “Hurry up!”
From fairies and leprechauns.
I am from my stubborn dog
who yells at everyone.
I am from rain and snow,
from the wind whose cool fingers brush my hair.
I’m from the great myths of Ireland,
from cabbage and potatoes.
From the great uncle who lost his leg jumping a train,
To the grandfather who survived World War II.
I am from the cranky family album who never wants to open.
I am from the past, the time before me,
a dab of paint on the canvas that is my family.

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