Friday, November 18, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from computers, from Kleenex and Bounty.I am from the busy, Marina-style home (it smells like cats)I am from the blackberry bushes and the apricot tree.
I am from celebrating New Year’s together and brown eyes, from Igor and Lora and Michael. I am from the electricity savers and the clean freaks.From, “Have a good day,” and “Clean that up.
I am from receiving money on one day during Hanukkah.I’m from Odessa, Ukraine and honey-covered blintz, sometimes filled with cheese.From the grandma who cooked stuffed peppers filled with meat and carrots, the colorful soups she made every chance she got, and the parents who are from clear blue tide waves and sparkly sand.
I am from a dusty drawer who holds with its thick wooden fingers priceless tea sets made of purple and white glass, passed on through generations of my family.
Angela V. 2011

George Ella Lyon was the first person to create a "Where I'm From" poem. Students have been also been making "Where I'm From" poems. All of the current upper graders here in Hillwood have made our own "Where I'm From" poems and posted them on the Hillwood Herald.

The upper graders will be making videos on our "Where I'm From" poems. We will bring in pictures with us or other items from our poems in the picture and make the video with them.

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