Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome to Hillwood

For new students, welcome! We want to give some highlights about what happened this year:

In September, we had a fun start to the school. Last years 4th graders moved upstairs and into 5th grade.


In October, the 4th graders and lower went to the pumpkin patch. The 5th-8th graders went to City Hall to help pass a law to make McDonalds sell healthier Happy Meals. The 5th-8th graders also went to a math play.


In November, we went to the San Jose Tech Museum.


In December, we had a winter talent show and winter break.


In January, we came back to school from winter break and 2011 began!


In February, we had book orders.


In March, we had a Pajama Day where we can come to school one day in our pajamas.


In April, we had picture day. We also had no school on Good Friday. We had spring break too! Also, we had a field trip to Beauty and the Beast at Mercy High School. The 2nd-6th graders went too.


Now its May and its Teacher Appreciation Week. Also, we had the school's annual Walk-a-Thon, a fund raiser where students walk from Hillwood to Crissy Field and back.

By Angela and Anya

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