Friday, May 6, 2011

Mrs. Okamoto Day

Mrs. Okamoto Day is a day we have at Hillwood to remember Mrs. Okamoto and to celebrate the San Francisco Giants baseball team because she was a really big fan of the Giants. Mrs. Okamoto was a great afternoon supervisor that had the same job as Mrs. Caine. Mrs. Okamoto was working at hillwood for 53 years.

On Mrs. Okamoto day we wear orange and black clothes or Giants attire. We also eat hot dogs, chips, and pie. We hang up a Mrs. Okamoto Day sign that is orange and black. This year was special because the Giants won the world series. On Mrs. Okmoto Day we have a longer lunch and still have school work.

Photo one: Fiona Mihailousky, Parisa Shapoorian, and Mrs. Woods at Mrs. Okamoto Day.
Photo two: Nikita Kupriyanov, Erion Hom-Duong, and Jay Jaber are getting ready for a balloon toss.
Photo three: Nikita Kupriyanov and Mr. Grantz at Mrs. Okamoto day.

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