Friday, April 15, 2011

Holiday Talent Show

This is no ordinary Talent Show... This is Hillwood's Talent Show! From 1pm to 3pm
The Hillwood Annual Talent Show is every year on December 13th. Children who want to perform in the talent show can sign up for it on a sign-up sheet put up a week before the 13th.
The day of the talent show upstairs we start off with some holiday math--we do simple math with the symbols of the holiday, in this case, Christmas symbols-- then go outside or walk around the block. Usually if we're wearing formal and nice clothes including the girls usually wear red and white Christmas dresses and the boys usually wear suits and tied then we walk around the block to not get our nice clothes dirty. Downstairs is the same except instead of math they do crafts.

        Mr. Grantz barbecues hot dogs and we eat lunch outside unless it's raining, which it hasn't done on the talent show for the past 62 years. Everyone could bring they're own sweets, such as brownies, mini cakes, and cookies. Mrs. Grantz bakes her famous cookies and there's punch.

       Then it's talent time! 
This year the kids who announce who's coming next to show off their talent, or MC, were Jay Jaber and Zack Owen-Walkup. The upper-graders (5th-8th) did a popular famous play A Christmas Carol.
     When Ms. Schmitt, our music teacher, came it got really great because of the fun and well-known Christmas songs we do with her. She always makes it even better ( I know, it's hard to believe it's possible). Zack plays classical guitar and Kasama Tillman and Oliver Moorhead-Clarke break-dance. Little Grace Medecki did a ballet dance and Ms. Lydia comes and we have conversations in Spanish. 
That ends our amazing day at the Hillwood Talent Show.
     We run the memories of the great performances through our head and smile. 

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